Love song

Something, something as simple as me hearing your name
Puts me, Puts me in a place that I can't even explain
[Oh no I ain't never been here before]
I really didn't know back then
But right now I am totally sure
Baby I know I'm your friend
But I wanna be much more

I get butterflys when I see you coming
Oh boy you got me running
This feeling in my stomach
Tells me I should be your woman
Cause your the only one who makes my fairytale come true

How can someone make me so sad
But still I only want you to stay
I wanna say "I love you" so bad
But I dont wanna scare you away
Please I wish that you'll understand
That I wanna be more than just your friend
I wish you loved me

utdrag ur Tynisha Kelis sång I wish you loved me

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